30 July 2013

Visually Arresting Digital Rendering Of The HIV Virus

Many viruses are so tiny that they seem invisible to us, which is why there is a need to create visuals to educate others of their dangers.

This is why Graham Johnson and Arthur Olson collaborated with Autodesk to hold a Visualization Challenge, inviting digital artists to create a video or image rendering of the HIV virus in blood.

Ukranian designer Alexey Kashpersky won first prize with his striking visual rendering of virus.

Drawn first on paper and made more three-dimensional with Z-Brush, this visual rendering of the virus was completed with the “body” provided by CellPACK.

The result is a stunning visual of HIV, piquing the viewer’s interest in the disease itself.

Scroll down to view some photos of his work in progress.

[via CG Society, images via Alexey Kashpersky]