29 July 2013

Artist Uses Dirt To Create Illustrations Of Different Objects

In her ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ project, New York-based illustrator Sarah Rosado uses dirt as her medium to create fun illustrations.

Getting her supply of dirt from parks, she tosses them onto a table and carefully molds them into various shapes—from ducklings and cats to cameras and shoes.

“The challenge to me is tossing this pile of dirt on the table and bringing it to life by carefully shaping it into selected objects,” said Rosado on why she uses dirt as a medium. “It’s a great medium as the dirt sways anywhere you take it. Of course, it’s not easy, it takes practice and having the artistic skill to draw is helpful in maximizing the output of the image.”

“The creation process is uniquely custom made. Everything is handmade using different tools to obtain the desired shape and accessorizing with items found around the house. After that’s done the photo is taken. There is no cropping, or digital enhancements before or after. It’s all real.”

Check out some of her dirt illustrations below:

[via Sarah Rosado]