29 July 2013

Man Builds Functioning Boeing 737 Cockpit In Child’s Bedroom

Hailing from Aquitane, France, Laurent Aigon has spent the last five years scouring the internet for airplane parts just to build a Boeing 737 cockpit in his child’s bedroom.

As a child, Aigon spent his time daydreaming of becoming a pilot, but that did not happen due to his “laziness” at school.

However, he remained an airplane enthusiast, teaming up with Jean-Paul Dupuy to build this cockpit, which has cost him thousands of dollars.

It seems that it was worth the money as the cockpit actually works, enabling Aigon to simulate what it is like to maneuver such a plane.

The Aircraft Maintenance at Bordeaux-Merignac Airport was so impressed, and has asked him to talk about his achievement, while another aircraft maintenance company has asked if they could use his creation for future simulations.

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[via Oddity Central]