30 July 2013

Cakes Shaped Like Planets Have Scientifically Accurate Cross-Sections

Zoology graduate Rhiannon has a blog which is all about the art of baking.

Passionate about astronomy, she has created two cakes in the shape of planets—one of the Earth, and the other of Jupiter, with scientifically accurate cross-sections.

The first cake was made for her sister for a geology class at school, while the second was made for fun.

The surface of the cake in the shape of the Earth is also geographically accurate, although the exteriors of both cakes were made with chocolate fondant and painted with a gel paste mixture.

The red and yellow interiors of the "Earth Cake" were made of Madeira sponge, while the white consisted of vanilla buttercake.

For the cake in the shape of Jupiter, the core consists of a mudcake, with the other layers being an almond bnutter cake and a vanilla Madeira sponge.

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[via Cake Crumbs]