31 July 2013

The ‘World’s First Flying Ostrich’: Half Bird, Half Helicopter

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Remember ‘Orvillecopter’, the ‘innovative’ and one-of-a-kind ‘cat-copter’? Well, its creator Dutch artist Bart Jensen is back with another kooky invention called the ‘OstrichCopter’.

Dubbed by Jensen as the ‘world’s first flying ostrich’, it was built using the carcass of an ostrich that had died of a disease.

From the looks of it, the components of the ‘OstrichCopter’ look similar to ‘Orvillecopter’—with rotors attached to the body of the bird. It can also be controlled via remote control.

We wonder what Jensen will built next—maybe a ‘flying pig’?

Check out the videos below to see the ‘OstrichCopter’ in action:

[via Bart Jensen]