31 July 2013

Hands-Free Kit Lets You Listen To Music From Your Phone On Your Car’s Radio

For those who dislike listening to the radio, the crew at Bazaared has created a wireless device that lets you play music from your iPod, iPhone or other device remotely.

The ‘Universal Hands Free Car Kit’ is a transmitter that has a 3.5mm audio socket, which you can simply plug into your mobile device.

To listen to music from your device, just tune your car radio frequency to what’s reflected on the transmitter.

Spotify and Pandora users would love this transmitter too, as as long as the music you want to play is through your device, it can play through your car’s radio.

In addition to listening to non-radio music, the Universal Hands Free Car Kit lets you take calls hands-free by using the microphone on your phone.

[via The Universal Hands Free Car Kit]