30 July 2013

Hot-Air Balloon Shaped Like Giant Testicles Raises Awareness For Male Cancer

In collaboration with Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (MCAC), actor and comedian Chris O’Dowd has gone on Indiegogo to raise funds to build a hot-air balloon that is shaped like a gigantic testicles.

“The World’s Largest Flying Scrotum” would definitely offend a few people along the way but it will also raise much-needed awareness for testicular cancer, which is currently shrouded in ignorance and embarrassment.

According to the campaign, “A massive flying ballsack will be impossible to ignore. And hopefully chip away at the taboos still surrounding this nasty little cancer.”

Floating high up in the sky, “Skyballs” will be hard to miss and be able to send out the important message, “Check Your Balls”.

If successfully funded, the creators of the project will not only be able to build the unconventional hot-air balloon but will also have enough money to operate it for a year in the UK.

If this is your kind of cause—or your kind of humor—pledge for Skyballs over here.

[via Male Cancer Awareness Campaign]