29 July 2013

Photographer Develops Photos Using Various Liquids Found At Home

Lemon Juice

In his project called ‘Photogenic Alchemy’, Matthew Cetta develops films in various liquids around the house to create interesting, gritty photos.

Born out of play, Cetta was initially playing around with an old Holga camera, until he began thinking about “changing the look of his images by altering the film itself”.

He told PetaPixel, “A photograph, in its most elemental form, is nothing more than a chemical reaction.”

“Photogenic Alchemy is an exercise in controlled chaos and a study in the science of art,” he said on his webstie. "By breaking down silver salts and celluloid to its elemental form, I’ve created a dark and gritty apocalyptic world.”

“It is a world that seems to be dissolving right before our eyes. Toxic and fascinating, each new roll of film left me intrigued. I couldn’t wait to try the next substance on my ever increasing list.”

The photos below are the result of his 'experiment':


Ginger Juice


Cough Syrup



Aluminum Sulfate





[via PetaPixel, images via Matthew Cetta]