30 July 2013

In Iceland, The Spectacular ‘Waterfall Of The Gods’ Is A Sight To Behold

Joshua Holka

Design website My Modern Met brought our attention to the Godafoss—or “Waterfall of the Gods”—located in Iceland’s central north.

The spectacular horseshoe-shaped waterfall features cascading translucent water that gushes down into a wide canyon—it is particularly breath-taking during the harsh Icelandic winter, when icicles cling to its rock edge and snow blankets its banks.

According to the photographers who have attempted to shoot it, it is very difficult to capture because of the extreme weather—strong winds bring up sprays of water, which freezes immediately when they happen to hit the camera.

If you want to witness the Godafoss with your own eyes, be prepared for a long drive out into a frozen wilderness and a demanding downhill trek when you get there.

Otherwise, click here for more beautiful images of the “Waterfall of the Gods”.

Skarphedinn Thrainsson

Valeriy Shcherbina

Vincent Bourrut

Pome Acro

Sarah Marino

[via My Modern Met]