30 July 2013

Strange Landscape Photos Created With Human Bodies

Valley of the Reclining Woman

London-based photographer Carl Warner, famous for his series of fantastical landscapes made entire out of food, has embarked on a new project in which he constructs landscapes out of another unusual medium—bodies.

Titled’Bodyscapes’, his latest series features human bodies posed to form desert-like landscapes, complete with dunes, ridges, hill and valleys.

Said Warner, “[The project] plays on the sense of space in which we dwell. The external view of ourselves therefore becomes a more abstract and perhaps more intimate reflection of our inner being when viewed as a landscape or given a sense of place.”

Headless Horizon

Cut Throat Valley

Shoulder Hill Valley

The Cave of Abdo-men

Pectoral Dunes

[via PetaPixel, images via Carl Warner]