29 July 2013

Infographic: Failure By Design

Click image to view entire infographic

Click image to view entire infographic

Created by the New School of Architecture + Design, this useful infographic chronicles the history of architectural failures.

Each example details how and why the structure collapsed, showing us what we can learn from these failures.

The most famous example in this series would be The Leaning Tower of Pisa, which started collapsing as the marshy ground could not support it.

As a result, architects had to strengthen the foundation, serving to remind everyone that a strong foundation is always needed to build a structure.

Although this infographic caters to fellow architects, other creatives can also learn from it and apply it to their work and life.

Scroll down to view the rest of the infographic, or click here to view it in its entirety.

[via Socks On An Octopus]