30 July 2013

New Monochromatic LEGO Kit Lets You Create Your Own Architectural Masterpieces

The LEGO Architecture series of famous international landmarks is great for grown-ups who cannot seem to get enough of these classic toy blocks—other than indulging the kid in them, the end products would also make for cool home décor pieces.

To allow these adult builders to unleash their creativity, LEGO is releasing the “LEGO Architecture Studio” kit, which does not come with any instruction manual for constructing a specific building.

Consisting of 1,200 white and translucent bricks, this latest kit by LEGO includes a book of experiments by some of the world’s leading architectural firms—the building tips will help you get your project going.

Designed for builders of age 16 and up, the kit will enable you to build whatever your imagination throws up with its wide variety of pieces—feel free to have fun without having to worry if your building is going to be structurally sound and fit to be occupied.

The LEGO Architecture Studio will be available for purchase on the LEGO online store from 1 August 2013.

[via Coolhunting]