29 July 2013

Infographic: 50 Creative Ways To Jump Into A Swimming Pool

It is summer, so you should ideally be spending a lot of time by a pool.

To help you make a creative entrance into the pool, pool maintenance company Swim University has made a fun infographic that details “50 Ways to Jump into a Swimming Pool”.

Other than the more conventional methods like “Cannon Ball” and “Belly Flop”, they have also included creative, pop culture-inspired ones like the “Air Jordan”, “Chuck Norris” and “Harry Potter”.

Each jump position is ranked on a difficulty scale of one to four stars, with one star being the simplest and four stars being the hardest—for instance, you really shouldn’t attempt the “Breakdancer” unless you are a yoga-doing gymnast who also break-dances.

Read the entire infographic below.

Click on image to enlarge

Click on image to enlarge

[via Swim University]