31 July 2013

Mirrored Botanic Gardens Visitor Center Blends Into Natural Surroundings

To help the Cairns Botanic Gardens Visitor Center blend into its natural surroundings, the firm < a href="http://www.wrightarchitects.com.au/">Charles Wright Architects designed an elegant mirrored façade.

Ironically, the architects drew inspiration from the alien hunter suit of the Predator movie, creating a series of panels which function as the building’s facets.

These two buildings have a dividing promenade peppered with lush greenery from the Australian and Southeast Asian rainforests.

Comprising of two buildings and a dividing promenade, the visitor centre was designed as a gateway to the gardens, which contain a selection of tropical plants from northern Australian rainforests as well as from across Southeast Asia.

Inspired by nature, the shape of the buildings meander like tree roots and integrate themselves into the landscape.

Scroll down to view more of this green building.

[via Dezeen Magazine]