5 February 2015

Fun-Loving Parents Break Pregnancy News In Funny, Creative Ways

A new addition to the family is great news that most parents would want to share with as many of their friends and families as possible—but some parents break the news in much more creative ways than just a status update on Facebook.

Design and lifestyle website My Modern Met recently brought together a collection of great pregnancy announcements that may inspire you to make more effort with your next big reveal.

These fun-loving parents typically stage a photograph that introduces the soon-to-arrive baby—many of these pictures makes fun of the challenges of early parenthood, while others feature the couple’s older children in adorable shots.

Scroll down to view some of our favorite creative pregnancy announcements—you can find more of them here and here.

How would you announce your pregnancy—would you use any of these funny, unconventional ways?

[via My Modern Met, images via Imgur, Distractify]