5 February 2015

Hasbro Secretly Replaces Paper Bills With Real Money In 80 ‘Monopoly’ Sets

Image: Melissa Wong

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of its Monopoly game in France, Hasbro has secretly released 80 limited edition sets that contain real Euro notes.

Hidden in its latest batch of 30,000 game sets, the paper bills in these exclusive sets were replaced with several denominations of real Euros.

10 sets will each contain five 20-Euro notes, two 50-Euro notes and one 100-Euro note, while 69 sets will each include five 10-Euro notes and five 20-Euro notes.

One lucky winner will stand to bring home 20,580 euros, or approximately US$23,353, in the single jackpot set that has all of its paper bills replaced with real cash.

According to Hasbro, you would not be able to tell the difference between the exclusive and regular sets, save for a slight bulge caused by the size of the real notes.

What do you think of this brilliant marketing idea?

[via Mashable]