5 February 2015

In Need Of An Opinion For Your Designs? This Website Lets You Get It Fast

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Are you caught between two different designs you’ve created for a project and in need of a quick opinion?

Newly launched site, Desinion, is just the thing for you.

Started last month, the platform is already getting more than 4,000 page views per day regularly. What sets it apart from other existing sites is its simplicity and direct way to source for feedback in an efficient manner.

Founder Chris Payne said the site is still in its infancy and is looking to improve its user experience.

He said, “We are testing the market, and so far so good. However, we’re still revising and improving the product and listening to audience feedback. For example, people who offer their opinion may not get a great amount of context, and this is something that we are looking to solve very quickly.”

Check out how it works below:

[via Creative Bloq, images via Desinion]