6 February 2015

Illustrator Brings A Darker, Gruesome Twist To The ‘Cinderella’

The classic fairytale Cinderella is the story of a girl and a glass slipper, which ends happily with her marriage to a prince.

If you recall, the original Brothers Grimm version has the story take a more gory turn, including Cinderella's sisters chopping off their heels and toes in an effort to squeeze into the glass slipper.

It seems like illustrator Camille Rose Garcia may have produced her version of Cinderella along that same vein.

Garcia's drawings seem more gothic and dark compared to the familiar Disney version. Instead of happy fairytale elements, the stepfamily is drawn twisted and hunched, making them look even more sinister. Cinderella herself is illustrated with cobweb eye lashes and cries black tears.

See more of Garcia's work below, and click here to purchase a copy of the book.

[via Elite Daily]