28 November 2012

World’s Oldest Father Becomes PETA Posterboy for Virility

Ramajit Raghav—a 96-year-old man from India—who became famous for being the oldest man to father a child is now the new posterboy for animal rights group PETA.

Seeking to connect vegetarianism with virility, PETA has casted the proud new father as the star of its latest campaign, under the slogan of “Vegetarians Still Got It At The Age Of 96”.

The record-breaking father claims that a vegetarian diet of almonds, butter and milk as the secret to his virility and longevity—he says: “I have been a vegetarian all my life, and I credit my stamina and virility to my diet of vegetables and grains. Being a vegetarian is the secret to my strength and good health.”

This is the second time that Raghav has broken the “oldest father” record—he first broke it when he fathered his elder son at the age of 94.

Would you give up meat for virility?

[via The Telegraph]