28 November 2012

Architects Install A 170-Foot Long Trampoline In A Park

Trampolines are lots of fun—even if you’re an adult, it somehow manages to help you channel that inner-child in you.

For the Archstoyanie art festival in Russia, Tallinn, Estonia-based architecture firm Salto created a 170-foot (51m) long trampoline as part of a park’s infrastructure.

The trampoline, ‘Fast Track’, is a road as well as an installation that lets its users bounce, have fun and do a gymnastic routine, while on the move.

Fast Track hopes to challenge the “concept of infrastructure that only focuses on technical and functional aspects and tends to be ignorant to its surroundings. It gives the user a different experience of moving and perceiving the environment,” according to Salto.

[via Salto]