30 November 2012

Entrepreneur Turns Bald Heads Into Advertising Space For Businesses

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Texas-based entrepreneur Brandon Chicotsky has launched a unique advertising service where he turns baldheads into advertising space for businesses.

Called ‘Bald Logos’, businesses pay him US$320 a day to walk the streets with their logo or brand name temporarily tattooed on his or one of his coworkers’ heads.

In order to gain as much exposure as possible, his “bald angelicals”—the men who wear the ads—will be accompanied by two female actresses carrying signs and waving flags to promote the business, while a third actor will be parading in a full-body spandex suit.

To create even more buzz, the company will even hire a ‘camera crew’ to follow them around.

“When there are cameras, people tend to inquire, ‘What is this about, what’s on your head?’” Chicotsky told The Daily News.

Chicotsky added that Bald Logos has been flooded with local business inquiries since it opened last month and he has plans to expand to other cities and hire more “bald angelicals”.

Would you advertise your business or brand on a ‘bald billboard’?

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[via Bald Logos and The Daily News]