28 November 2012

‘Don’t Get Scroogled’ By Google, Bing Warns Shoppers

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has gone on the offensive against Google and launched a campaign that warns shoppers not to be taken in by the ad-filled search results on Google Shopping.

The “Don’t Get Scroogled” campaign—a wordplay on “screwed”— claims that Google is selling their shopping results and refers to how merchants are now required to pay in order to be listed on Google’s shopping page.

“Sure, they say your search is sorted by relevance, but the truth is Google sells their shopping results. They Scroogle you by defining relevance as how much they’re getting paid. Don’t get scroogled, you may be missing out on the best prices and highest quality products.”

Bing then directs shoppers to its own search engine for a more “honest” search.

Has this campaign persuaded you to switch search engines for your shopping?

[via Bing]