29 November 2012

Infographic: Is The Internet Bad For Health?

Too much smoking and drinking can be bad for health—and according to Insurance.com, the internet could also be bad for health.

In the Infographic ‘Is the Internet bad for your health?’, the internet affects our brain.

“It’s estimated that 5-10% of internet users are addicted”, the infographic writes, with 1/3 of people considering it as important as food, water and shelter.

The infographic says that eye strain, bad posture, sleep deprivation, and bullying relationship stress issues are linked to the use of the world wide web.

In some cases, several small regions in the brains of online addicts shrank by 10-20%.

ADHD and depression are also signs of intense web users.

What do you think?

Click to view full infographic

Click to view full infographic

[via Insurance.com]