26 November 2012

A Lamp That Realistically Recreates The Weather Indoors, Clouds Included

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Makers of iRock, the rocking chair that charges your Apple devices, Zurich-based Micasa LAB has created a concept light fixture that realistically recreates the day’s current weather indoors.

Called ‘Nebula 12’, the light combines chemistry and technology to provide the day’s, and the next 48-hours’, weather forecast in a literal way.

Nebula 12 uses meteorological data and changes in color and brightness, like nature, to announce the weather on the outside: yellow light for sunny days, real clouds on an overcast morning, or red clouds (sans the rain and puddles) for threatening low-pressure areas.

The light uses liquid nitrogen, WiFi LEDs and high power vacuum suction to recreate the weather.

Users can adjust the settings and define the information source.

With cloudy days told in a beautiful way, if we had this lamp that redefines lighting systems, we all wish that it would be cloudy everyday.

[via The Nebula Project]