29 November 2012

A Dose Of Art For The Art Of Dozing Off

It’s the last week of November, which is also the last week of National Sleep Comfort Awareness Month.

If you’ve been getting good rest, good for you, keep it up!

If not, well, maybe you need a change of mattress? Or maybe a dose of art works of people sleeping that may seem soothing and serene enough for you to doze off.

Here’s some advice from art pieces on The Bazaar to help you fall asleep:

Get cursed to sleep for a long time since you were born

Sleeping Beauty
by Rowan Stocks-Moore

Imagine yourself on an island on holiday

Sunbather (oil on canvas)
by Simon Cook

Pretend to be a child

The Sleeping Child - A Granddaughter, c.1896 (oil on canvas)
by William Strutt

Find comfort on an uncomfortable surface

Sleeping Cat and Chinese Bridge (oil on canvas)
by Timothy Easton

Find a nice big tree during lunch for some ‘recreational activity’

Dreaming of Cherry Blossom, 2004 (oil on canvas)
by Liz Wright

Don’t sleeping on someone’s hard chest, if you’re intending to fall asleep

Lovers asleep, 1954 (pen & ink)
by Peter Samuelson

Get hit by the Sandman

Beads (study), c.1875 (oil on canvas)
by Albert Joseph Moore

Play an instrument so wonderfully soothing till you lull yourself to sleep

The Little Violinist Sleeping, 1883 (oil on canvas)
by Antoine Auguste Ernest Herbert or Hebert

Cosy up by a warm fire when it’s cold—just be careful not to get anything that may burn too close to it

Girl Sleeping by the Fire, 1843 (oil on canvas)
by Rudolph Friedrich Wasmann

Eat lots of bacon till you become what you eat (‘cause as they say “you are what you eat”), then sleep like what you eat

Sleeping Pig (black and red chalk on paper)
by James Ward