25 November 2012

A Self-Filling Bottle That ‘Harvests’ Water From The Air

A team of eco-minded researchers from NBD have created a self-filling water bottle that harvests water from its surrounding air.

Inspired by the Namib Dessert Beetle,—which uses hydrophilic (i.e. water-attracting) areas on its back to collect water from the air—this new product has the potential to help the three billion people on earth without easy access to water.

Painted in alternating layers of hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials, the bottle traps and forces moistures to condense inside of it.

Set to launch by 2014, this bottle—which is powered by solar cells and a rechargeable battery—is an energy-efficient way to farm water in arid regions of the world.

Find out more about this technology over here.

[via BBC News, images via Inhabitat]