26 November 2012

Stunning, Other-Worldly Photographs Of Glacial Ice Caves

British adventure photographer Robbie Shone ventured into the Gorner Glacier in Switzerland and captured a series a of spectacular images of ice caves.

The sparkling, brilliant blue of the ice in the caves creates a spectacular, surreal atmosphere that brings to mind what one would expect to find on alien planets.

According to Shone, “It was extremely spectacular. This was the first time I’d been in an ice cave and they were absolutely beautiful. They were a really bright blue.”

Descending down 20-meters deep vertical shafts,—called moulins—Shone and his team were the first people to see these caves and as they change every year, the only people to ever see them in their current state.

These pictures are a rare look into one of the world’s most obscure and beautiful locations.

[via The Telegraph]