28 November 2012

The World’s Most Luxurious Fast Food?

Style and food webzine Luxirare has created what is probably the world’s most luxurious fast food combo set that is modeled after McDonald’s chicken nugget meal—only much, much fancier.

Replacing the processed meat and soda with Uni (sea urchin) tempura and Champagne Rosé, this Japanese inspired culinary experiment is definitely an up-sized version—in terms of taste and quality—of the banal fast food meal.

To enhance the flavor of these delectable nuggets,—wrapped with nori, rolled in a shiso leaf—there are three accompanying dipping sauces to choose from, namely lime and yuzu, black smoked salt, and lime zest

The meal would not be complete without the specially designed packaging—a chic to-go box with a perforated lid that mimics the classic fast food paper container.

[via Trendland]