27 November 2012

The Seven Designer Phenotypes

Designer magazine Core77 has identified the seven characteristics typical of designers.

In ‘Seven Designer Phenotypes’, the designer types include:

”Workshop Workhorse” (those who like workshops) – with the motto “Happiness is a Warm Arc Welder”;

“King of the Kitchen” (those who like cooking) – with the motto “Design So Good You Can Taste It.”;

“Designer Dandy” (those who care about how they look) – with the motto “Work in Style (or Don’t Work at All);

“Traveling Wo/Man” (those who like to travel) – with the motto “A Place for Everything and Everything in it’s Place.”;

“Studio Snob” (those who spend a lot of time at the studio, and feel that their desktop says a lot about them) – with the motto “It Takes Nice Things to Make Nice Things.”;

“Homebound Hobbit” (those homey-types) – with the motto “Home Is Where the Heart Is (Next to the Jens Risom coffee table).”;

“Off the Grid” (those who like the great outdoors) – with the motto “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.”

Designers, are these phenotypes accurate?

[via Core77]