27 November 2012

How To Save Your Phone When You Drop It In The Toilet

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So you dropped your phone in the toilet—and NeverWet isn’t widely available yet?

To help you save your phone, Hack College has created a video.

‘Minute Hacks: How To Save Your Phone From Water Damage’ says that the first thing to do is to get your phone out of the toilet as fast as you can—and don’t turn it on.

Next, wipe it down with a paper towel.

Take out its battery, caps, cases (unless it’s an iPhone), and toss the parts into a bag of uncooked rice, and place it in a warm place.

Wait at least 24 hours (could be a few days) before taking your phone out and turning it on.

If that didn’t work, there’s a white material that turns red when water makes contact (inside the headphone jack for iPhones, behind the battery in the corner for other phones)—so take white paper, stick it on the top of the red spot, and try your luck with your cellphone provider to get a new phone.

[via Hack College]