30 November 2012

Feel Different Textures With This 'Virtual Reality' Smartphone

Japan-based Italian designer Andrea Ponti has created a concept mobile phone that allow users to feel different textures.

Called the ‘LG Touch’, it is a 'virtual reality' smartphone with a raised touch screen that is capable of morphing in 3D, thanks to micro-shock waves traveling through its polymer membrane surface.

According to Ponti, he said that with its tactile feedback, vision impaired and elderly users will have an easier time interacting and using the smartphone by using their sense of touch.

Even users who shop online will be able to feel textures of fabrics by touching the embossed image at the bottom of the screen.

“…Everyone will benefit from the unprecedented level of interaction and dual feedback—visual and tactile,” Ponti said in a statement.

This state-of-the-art concept was awarded the grand prize in LG’s ‘Mobile Design Competition 2012’.

[via Andrea Ponti]