28 November 2012

Heat-Resistant Chocolate Only Starts Melting at 104 Degrees Fahrenheit

Confectionary giant Cadbury has announced it has successfully developed a variety of “temperature-tolerant chocolates” that will only start melting at 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Perhaps in response to the climbing temperatures due to global-warming, these new chocolates has a significantly higher melting point than regular chocolate, which melts at around 93.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to Cadbury, this enhanced heat resistance is achieved by refining the “conching” process—where the chocolate ingredients are ground together.

These chocolates--which will definitely not melt in your hand—will soon be available in warmer markets across the world, including Brazil and India.

Will you like to try it?

[via Huffington Post, image via Cadbury Official Facebook Page]