29 September 2014

A Concept, Shell-Like House That Uses Tidal Waves To Generate Electricity

Architect and designer Margot Krasojević has unveiled a concept, futuristic shell-like house that is designed to be located at a beach, which uses tidal waves from the sea to harness electricity.

Called the ‘Hydroelectric Tidal House’, the structure will allow water to flow into the space between the inner and outer shells that cover the building, which will activate an electromagnetic turbine system.

Additionally, to make full use of its sunny location, the tidal house will also be equipped with solar cells as a secondary energy source.

“Tides are more predictable than solar and wind energy making it simpler to find an appropriate location to harness this renewable energy source,” explained the architect on her design.

Check out concept images of the house below:

[via My Modern Met]