30 September 2014

Couple’s Photo Project Features Them Recreating The Same Kiss Around The World

Pyramid Lake, Nevada

When a friend of photographers Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks snapped a photo of them sharing a kiss in March 2010, little did they know that it would spark off a romantic and creative photo project—and a signature kissing pose, too.

In their signature kissing pose, Brinson embraced Banks in a mid-air smooch while he supported her with his arm.

With their camera set on a timer, the husband and wife photography team recreated their iconic kiss amidst breathtaking landscapes, such as by the sea in Puerto Rico, and in a lush rainforest in North Vancouver, Canada.

The couple tagged their kissing photos in an aptly named project, ‘#BrinsonBanksing’, and subsequently created a hashtag movement of the same name, inspiring other couples to recreate their signature kissing pose too.

“It gets old seeing a photo of you alone on your honeymoon or on vacation at the beach, so this is our own special way of documenting us, together,” said Brinson.

Would you try the #BrinsonBanksing kissing pose with your significant other?

Check out Brinson and Banks’ photos below.

Malibu, California

North Vancouver, Canada

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Malibu, California


Puerto Rico


Cabazon, California

[via Buzzfeed, images by Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks]