29 September 2014

A Wearable Concept Camera That ‘Flies’ Off Your Wrist, Takes Your Photo

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Instead of fumbling with stick mounts the next time you try to take a solo photo of yourself, perhaps you need a flying camera “drone” to get it done.

Meet Nixie, a concept of “the first wearable camera that can fly”, offering users a hands-free photo-taking experience.

With a flick of your wrist, Nixie, which looks like a tiny drone, detaches itself from your wristband and flies away “past your arms’ reach” to snap your photo before returning to your wrist.

For now, the nifty wearable camera, created for Intel’s ‘Make It Wearable’ Challenge, is still in development.

We hope its creators won’t take to long to turn this innovative concept into a reality.

Check out Nixie in the video and images below.

[via Gizmodo, images via YouTube and Nixie]