27 September 2014

A Spill-Proof Mug That Withstands Knocks While Keeping Your Drink Hot Or Cold

If you’ve ever spilled a drink all over your workdesk, you’ll know how much of a hassle it is to clean up the mess, not to mention the heartache incurred if it gets on your clothes or computer.

To ensure unfortunate incidents like this don’t happen again, a group of Brooklyn-based industrial designers and engineers has developed the ‘Mighty Mug’, a spill-proof mug that can withstand knocks and bumps while keeping your beverage hot or cold.

The mug, which took three years to perfect, uses patented Smartgrip Technology to grip firmly to the surface of your desk. It creates a powerful airlock when placed down, ensuring it won’t topple over if pushed or shoved.

You might think such a mug would be heavy to lift; on the contrary you can pick it up like any other cup, since it doesn’t use suction or magnets.

According to team leader Jayme Smaldone, they were inspired to come up with it after a big spill ruined an important computer.

They previously launched a travel mug last year, and are seeking funding on Kickstarter for new models which include the ‘Mighty Mug Go Stainless Steel’ and ‘Mighty Mug Solo’. Double walled vacuum insulated and BPA free, they come in 16oz, and 11 and 12oz capacities respectively.

Looks like there are plenty of people in need of this innovative mug—it has raised over 10 times its original goal as of writing.

Head over to Kickstarter to find out more and to pledge for your very own mug.

[via PSFK, video and GIF via Kickstarter, images via Mighty Mug]