29 September 2014

Virgin CEO Richard Branson Gives Employees Unlimited Vacation Days

Virgin Group’s CEO Richard Branson published in a blog post last week that his employees can take as much holiday as they want.

He told CNN in an interview, “Treat people as human beings, give them that flexibility and I don’t think they’ll abuse it. And they’ll get the job done.”

For now, this will apply to an estimated 160 staff at the offices in New York, London, Geneva and Sydney, according to CNN. If this “policy” proves to be working, all other subsidiaries will then be encouraged to follow suit.

Branson drew his inspiration from Netflix, which does not track its employees’ holidays and yet is still a successful player dominating its field.

He has faith that Virgin staff will not abuse the new initiative, citing that “…they are only going to do it when they feel a hundred per cent comfortable that they and their team are up to date on every project and that their absence will not in any way damage the business—or, for that matter, their careers!”

Nonetheless, some are worried that with the doing away of monitoring and seeking approval for vacation, it might result in unintended pressure to take less time-off instead.

Would you like unlimited vacation days as well?

Check out Branson’s interview with CNN below:

[via Elite Daily, images via Richard Branson]