30 September 2014

Augmented Reality Lets You Travel Time To See What Happened At The Berlin Wall

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Augmented reality company Metaio and Timetraveler Augmented has recently announced the launch of the Timetraveler application.

Applying the use of Augmented Reality technology to history, this app allows people to use their smartphones and tablet devices to travel back in time and see historical content about the Berlin Wall, and its surroundings.

With excerpts of film footage, reconstructions of demolished sites, and stories about the Cold War, this app tells the complete story of this divisive wall and its impact on Germany.

This app is available on iOS and Android, and it also offers a GPS-based tour of eleven major historical sites along the Berlin Wall Memorial on Bernauer Street.

Watch its introduction below:

The video is in German, but its video content is easy to understand.

[via TechCrunch]