28 September 2014

These Adorable Sushi Cat Figurines Will Make Feline Lovers Purr In Delight

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When in Japan, you can expect to find kitschy vending machines dispensing all manner of weird and wacky trinkets.

According to RocketNews24, the latest to hit the market after these cute cats dressed as sushi are equally adorable sushi cat figurines that will make cat lovers purr in delight.

Created by toy manufacturer Kitan Club, the ‘Nekozushi Nyaata’ line consists of five cats dressed as different types of sushi, and come in the form of key chains or decorative pieces.

They are being sold in the Akihabara branch of electronics store Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo, and cost 400 yen each.

Amusingly, the team at RocketNews24 were so excited at getting their hands on all five cat designs that they held an impromptu photo shoot next to the Kandagawa River.

Check out more pictures of their excursion here.

[via RocketNews24, video via YouTube]