28 September 2014

Refreshing Illustrations Of Well-Loved Disney Movie Characters

The Lion King, 1994

Illustrator Rafael Mayani, whom we featured previously, returns with a creative ongoing project called ‘Disney Challenge’ .

For his project, Mayani watched every Disney movie featured on this list before creating an illustration based on the characters from each movie.

Mayani also gave these Disney characters a refreshing makeover with his use of bright colors and minimalist style.

Check out Mayani’s wonderful work below—for more updates on his ongoing project, head over to his blog.

Alice in Wonderland, 1951

Lilo & Stitch, 2002

Aladdin, 1992

Peter Pan, 1953

Dumbo, 1941

Winnie The Pooh, 1977

Snow White, 1938

Bambi, 1942

[via Rafael Mayani]