30 September 2014

Playful Photo Series Features Man Performing Creative Stunts On An Ordinary Bike

Japanese Instagrammer Mamoru Kanai’s playful series ‘Riding Pop’ features pictures of himself performing creative stunts on a bicycle all over Tokyo.

Accompanied by a photographer friend, the avid bicyclist travels to neighborhoods to execute fun one-wheeled stunts like “wheelies” (standing on the hind wheel) and “stoppies” (standing on the front wheel).

Posed in front of buildings, railway tracks and in the middle of roads, the colorful backgrounds in the images make for a fun exploration of the city’s neighborhoods.

Most of the stunts were captured in one take, with Kanai holding his position as long as he can. He occasionally switches things up by challenging himself to perform tricks while seated.

His gear of choice? A mamachari, or “mom’s bike”, a generic bicycle that comes with a basket or child seat.

“The most significant point about these portraits is the irony of performing stunts on ordinary bicycles that are made for moms with kids.”

Check out some of Kanai’s stunts below and follow him on Instagram.

[via My Modern Met and Instagram Blog, images via Mamoru Kanai]