27 September 2014

A Refreshing Ginger Flavored Cider Made With Japanese Catnip

It seems the Japanese have no limits to their creativity when it comes to food, judging by the weird and unusual items we’ve seen lately.

The latest product to pique our interest is the ‘Nyanko Cider’, or ‘Kitty Cat Cider’, which contains Japanese catnip.

It is made with actinidia polygama, an extract from the silver vine plant found in the mountains of Japan, which has similar properties to catnip.

Unlike this cat wine, the ‘Nyanko Cider’ is fit for human consumption—according to RocketNews24, the drink label describes it as having a “ginger flavor”. Given how popular cats are, we’re guessing it should appeal to feline lovers.

It is available at the cat-themed Yume Neko art gallery and gift shop in Yokohoma and Osaka, and retails at 324 yen a bottle.

If you’re in either of those cities, consider having a bottle of catnip-infused cider to bid farewell to summer.

Would you try this unique beverage?

[via RocketNews24, images via Yume Neko]