29 September 2014

Cheeky ‘F**ktionary’ Playing Cards That Test Your Knowledge Of Raunchy Words

Ever wanted to flaunt your well of filthy lingo?

Now you can do so with ‘F**ktionary’, a cheeky playing card game that lets you pit your knowledge of raunchy and smutty phrases against others.

Simply pick a card and read the word or phrase printed on it out loud, and have your friends write down their definition of what it means.

You’re encouraged to come up with outrageous and twisted definitions; the dirtier, the better. You and your friends can vote on the best answers, making for hours of riotous entertainment.

Each box contains 300 “obscene, crude and lascivious” words printed on premium card stock, a rule sheet, score card, blank paper and pencils.

Definitely not for the squeamish or conservative, it’s the perfect game to break out at your next party.

‘F**ktionary’ is available at US$25 on Amazon.

[via HiConsumption, images via Amazon]