30 September 2014

Design Firm Celebrates Coffee With A Dose Of New York City's Culture

For International Coffee Day (observed on September 29), design and branding firm The Partners created something cool to give New Yorkers a dose of culture with their daily coffee.

Their initiative, ‘Culture Shots’, is a celebration of New York and its coffee culture.

New York is a fast-paced city where one easily loses track of the city’s fascinating bits of information. That led The Partners to create a collection of coffee sleeves, napkins, and espresso cups that each had a witty insight to one of NYC’s cultural highlights.

Taking twenty-eight (the number of seconds it takes to pull an espresso) of New York’s cultural highlights and hotspots, the firm transformed these into clever English lines that brought the city’s culture to life.

Each shot also has a hyperlink that leads one to more information. For example, one shot read, “Shiny Porn, Rubber Dogs, and Michael Jackson”, referring to the Koons exhibit at The Whitney.

Culture Shots cups, sleeves, and napkins will be available this week at various Soho locations.

To view more pictures and information, visit Culture Shots, or check out their hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

[via PSFK]