28 September 2014

A Mind-Blowing Short On How All Pixar Movies Might Be Connected

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Last year, writer Jon Negroni drew inspiration from a video he watched and came up with ‘The Pixar Theory’—a concept suggesting that all Pixar movies are connected to each other in the same universe.

Bloop Animation then summarized ‘The Pixar Theory’ in an eight-minute-long entertaining short.

The theory includes all Pixar animations since Toy Story, and they are as follows:

• A Bug’s Life

• Toy Story 2

• Monsters Inc.

• Finding Nemo

• The Incredibles

• Cars

• Ratatouille

• Wall-E

• Up

• Toy Story 3

• Cars 2

• Brave

• Monsters University

Check out the mind-blowing video below:

[via SPLOID, images via Bloop Animation]