29 September 2014

Interactive Mirror Delivers Positive Messages To Women, Shows They Are Enough

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For the release of their debut single Enough, Austin-based all-women rock band The Mrs. made a video featuring an interactive mirror that delivered empowering messages to women.

Shot in a mall in the city, the mirror flashed questions like “How do you feel when you look in the mirror?” when visitors walked by. It then prompted them to indicate their thoughts on a scale.

A band member hidden in a booth behind the mirror responded, urging them to rate themselves higher.

That wasn’t all—the mirror played videos of their loved ones telling them how special they were. The band also roped in the families of some of the women to spring a surprise on them.

When told to turn around, they were greeted by their husbands and children who loved them for who they are, a reminder that they were “enough”.

Watch the video below.

[via Fast Company and Viral Viral Videos, video via The Mrs.]