28 September 2014

McDonald’s Japan Releases A Black, Halloween-Themed Squid Ink Burger

Image by @dayo_ra

It seems like McDonald’s Japan is jumping on the “black burger” bandwagon, weeks after Burger King Japan unveiled its limited edition black cheese burgers.

To ring in next month’s Halloween celebrations, McDonald’s Japan has released an “ikasumi burger”, or “squid ink burger”.

The “ikasumi burger” comprises of squid ink buns, two meat patties, a slice of yellow cheese, spicy yellow sauce, and fried onions.

According to Gold Rush, the burger, which costs approximately USD$3.40 each, is only sold in three McDonald’s outlets in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Would you like to have a bite of this “ikasumi burger”?

Image by @mtknk

Image by @Natsuhi818

Image by @Natsuhi818

Image by @takuro88

[via Kotaku]