28 September 2014

Amusing Photographs Of ‘Angry’ People Smashing Cakes Across New York City

When New York-based photographer Geoff Levy found himself with plenty of leftover cakes after working on a photoshoot last month, he asked his friends to help him “destroy” the pastries in his project, ‘Cake Angry’.

“It dawned on me—I could be frustrated at the waste and inefficiency, or I could channel this into something greater,” said Levy.

Instead of throwing the cakes away, Levy gave his friends an awesome “cake smashing party” and photographed them in several spots across New York.

What ensued from his random project were amusing photographs of his friends smashing and kicking these colorfully frosted cakes.

Check out Levy’s work below, or head to his website to view the rest.

[via The Phoblographer, images by Geoff Levy]