28 September 2014

Watch: 'Star S'mores', When Star Wars Meets Sesame Street

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In light of the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII movie, Sesame Street has launched a webisode titled ‘Star S’mores’, and it retells the Star Wars story with iconic Sesame Street characters.

The cast features Cookie Monster as Flan Solo, who has to exercise self-control to stop himself from eating his sidekick, Chewie the Cookie (wookiee, if you get the reference).

The other characters include Luke Piewalker, Darth Baker, Princess Parfait-a and Only One Cannoli.

It also features Grover as Yoda, a funny joke to make as the real life voice actor of both Sesame Street’s Grover and Yoda from Star Wars is the same person.

Watch it below:

[via USA Today]