28 September 2014

Brilliant Ice Cream Scoop Protects Your Wrist, Lets You Get Frozen Treats Easier

Bothered by the poor design and ineffectiveness of current ice cream scoops on the market, mechanical and aerospace engineer Michael Chou has invented one that makes scooping the frozen treat easier.

Made of solid aluminum, the ‘Midnight Scoop’ boasts a curved handle that lets you scoop ice cream straight from the freezer easily without hurting your wrist.

Regular scoops are designed in a way that makes you use weak wrist muscles, resulting in pulling, prying or jabbing motions that strain your wrist.

The ‘Midnight Scoop’ lets you push through ice cream using the palm of your hand; it uses stronger muscles in your arms and chest, allowing you to scoop ice cream without the risk of injury.

It is available in multiple industrial strength coatings and comes with a life-time warranty.

Chou’s campaign has proved wildly successful—it has raised over US$111,800 as of writing.

Head over to Kickstarter to pledge for the project and secure your very own ‘Midnight Scoop’.

Will you be backing this project?

[via Gizmag, video and images via Kickstarter]